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Asal Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu adalah di Jalan Abdul Manan (tapaknya kini didiami Sekolah Menengah Bedok North), dibina pada tahun 1932 dan dirobohkan pada tahun 1994.

Pada 29 Jul 1995 bersamaan dengan 1 Rabiulawal 1416H, Masjid Alkaff Kg Melayu dibuka rasmi oleh yang berhormat, Ahli Parlimen Encik Zulkifli Mohamed, di tapak baru, berhadapan dengan Kaki Bukit Centre (Prison School), di 200 Bedok Reservoir Road.

Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu

alt Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu was the 10th mosque to be built under the Mosque Building Fund Program in Singapore. The old mosque with the same name at Jalan Abdul Manan, which was built in 1932, was demolished to make way for the new mosque. Located presently at a different site at 200 Bedok Reservoir Road, it occupies an area of 3,000 square metres and can accommodate 3,000 worshippers at one time. The mosque had cost $5.6 million to build and was officially opened in Nov 1994.

The daily affairs of the mosque are run by 12 full-time staffs (in 2006) and a number of part-timers. A Mosque Management Board (MMB) of 12 volunteers (in 2006) from all walks of life is selected by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura or Muis for a period of 1 term ?equivalent to 2 years (Jul 2006 to Jun 2008 for the current members) – to manage and oversee the running of the mosque, its programs, its manpower and its finance. The list of names of MMB members is given below:

1. Adnan Abd Hamid (Chairman)

2. Anvar Beig Gulam Sarwar (Vice-Chairman)

3. Sharifuddin Mohd Ali (Secretary)

4. Muhd Mubarak Habib Mohd (Asst Sec)

5. Mohd Azwan Said (Treasurer)

6. Mohd Rasheed Mohd Kassim (Asst Treasurer)

8. Mohd Jakfar Hj Embek (Member)

9. Adi Omar @ Ibrahim (Member)

10. Zaiton Puteh (Member)

11. Hayati Atan (Member)

12. Siti Salbiah Mohamed (Member)

The management of the mosque is bound by Muis?Mosque Regulations. The Management Board is empowered to recruit its own staffs and run its own programs as long as they are done within the Mosque Regulations and other known Muis?guidelines from time to time. An external audit is done annually on the mosque financial accounts and practices as required by Muis.

The vision and mission of the current Mosque Management Board are as follows :- Vision ?Together in Pursuit of Allah? Pleasure & Mission – To make Masjid Alkaff Kg Melayu as a Centre of Knowledge and Dakwah for the Development of Excellent Muslim Family and Youth

The Core Values as espoused by the Management Board are found in the acronym IHSAN.

SUMBER/SELENGKAPNYA: http://www.masjidalkaffkm.org



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